What is non-contact measurement?

Perceptron solutions are designed to accurately inspect your part without touching it and therefore considered non-contact. There is no need for abrasive paints or part attachments when you choose Perceptron.

What is Visual Fixturing?

All parts have 6 degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z translations & Rx, Ry, Rz rotations) and each must be controlled. Sometimes those degrees of freedom are controlled through the use of precision pins, clamps, and net blocks. Sometimes it is more desirable to utilize Perceptron sensors to visually fixture the part – by measuring key datum locations.

Process Fixturing: The use of Perceptron TriCam sensors to define the overall position of a part, based on the part geometry and key datums.

Product Fixturing: The use of Perceptron TriCam sensors to define a reference fixture which can be used to further diagnose process variation and its root cause.

What should I use to clean my Perceptron sensor?

Check sensors on a regular basis for dirt and other debris. If required, wipe off sensor optics and/or emitter window with a lint-free cloth moistened with commercial glass cleaner. Do not spray water or cleaner directly onto any sensor lens.

What is Scanning?

Ability to collect and utilize high-density 3D area scanning for feature extraction and point cloud generation. Scanning is available in multiple Perceptron industrial solutions.

What is sensor rectification?

Rectification is a Perceptron ANSI-traceable process specifically designed to maximize a sensor’s accuracy, linearity and scalar capability. Performed in a controlled laboratory environment, our rectification process employs over 1200 individual measurement to insure that the entire field of view of each sensor is optimized for high-precision metrology. The process is similar to fitting a person with a pair of glasses so they can see clearly.

Where can I get technical and service support for my ScanWorks system?

Call your Perceptron reseller

Call one of our regional headquarters – 联系我们

Use the Perceptron Support website

What do I use to clean the lenses on my V-Series sensors (ScanWorks)?

Clean lenses with soft cotton cloth and isopropyl alcohol or use common individually packaged eye glass lens wipes.

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